Modulo lector micro SD MP3 WTV020M01

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Modulo lector micro SD MP3 WTV020M01

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características del producto

1>. capacidad máxima 1G de la tarjeta del SD;
2> .Soporta la reproducción de 4Bit en formato ADPCM;
3>. Reconocer automáticamente los archivos de voz;
5> .Frecuencia de muestreo de 6KHz ~ 16KHz Audio de WAV;
6> .16bitDAC y salida audio de PWM;
7>. Puede almacenar hasta 512 voces;
14> .Tensión de funcionamiento: DC2.5 ~ 3.6V;
15> .Consumo de Corriente: 16uA

Descripción general del producto

WTV020-SD module is a voice Rewritable content type of mass storage voice module, pluggable maximum capacity of 1GB SD card memory. Can load WAV format voice, and AD4 formats voice.

WTV020-SD module voice chip WTV020SD-20S master core, with MP3 control mode, the key one-to-one control mode (3 voice with the voice two), the power-loop control mode as well as the second-line serial control mode. The control mode is set in the chip of the sample preparation, can not be switched during the operation of the various control modes, such as the need to use what mode control, Division I to build.

MP3 control mode: play / stop, and the next one, on one, Volume +, Volume – functions.

The key one-to-one control mode (3 paragraphs voice): a key corresponding trigger a voice have to play three voice and adjust the volume subtraction function, all buttons are default trigger pulse not repeat.

Key one-to-one control mode (5 paragraphs voice): has three control methods ?, all keys are pulse retriggerable; ? all keys are play / stop trigger (singles not cycle); ? all keys are play / Stop (single cycle).

Power-loop control mode: on power, do not need to trigger any I / O port, and direct all voice Autoplay SD card memory, and has the power and memory point play function when power off and then power on automatically the last power to resume playback voice. Two control modes ?, P04 has a pulse play / pause function; ?, P05 has a level play / pause function.

Two-wire serial control mode: CLK clock and send the DI the data line by the microcontroller via data control WTV020-SD module. Free to play the voice of any address. Voice combination play this state, can be performed.

Voice updates directly through an SD card reader on a PC replacement. The module supports the FAT file system. Support 6KHz to 32KHz, 36KHz sampling rate AD4 voice and 6KHz ~ 16KHz WAV audio sampling rate, can automatically recognize the voice sampling rate, and the voice file format.

3. Applications
WTV020-SD module can be used in automotive electronics (anti-theft alarm, parking sensor, navigation systems, electronic dog, central locking), smart home system, home burglar alarm, medical instruments, the human voice prompts, music player, home appliances (cooker , rice cookers, microwave ovens), entertainment devices (game consoles, amusement machine) learning model (Zaojiao, children’s audio books), intelligent transportation devices (toll stations, car parks), communication equipment (telephone switches, telephones), industrial control areas (elevators, industrial equipment), toys and other fields .

4.Product default model is serial control mode


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